Co-Leadership: Setting Self Aside

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Bayside’s commitment to collaboration and shared leadership sets it apart from many of the churches in the United States. When I came to Blue Oaks to be the Senior Campus Pastor, I got my first taste of co-leadership. Jason Krogh was already there as a campus pastor at the time, so I joined … Continued

Bayside & Aim

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AIM’s Mission is to fight the evil of sex trafficking with a special focus in Cambodia. We’ve been there a little over fourteen years and have developed a holistic approach through which God can work to actually reduce trafficking. By … Continued

Known, Valued & Connected

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There is nothing quite like student ministries at Bayside. It goes beyond one night a week, but that midweek night is my favorite night of the whole week—getting to be with my friends and make new ones, running around like … Continued

The Beauty of a Second Chance

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My name is Ashlei Hurst, and I go to Bayside Midtown. I work for Mercy Housing, and I’m the director of the Leataata Floyd Student and Family Community Center. I work at Leataata Floyd Elementary School and serve students and families who live in Marina Vista … Continued

Come Together

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Celebrating all our campuses uniting to serve our region. We love our city. That’s why on Sept. 29, 2019, we gathered in the heart of our city at Golden1 Center to celebrate the largest community outreach movement in the Sacramento … Continued

In the face of death.

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A young woman’s health—and future—is restored. May 2018 Rocklin, CA I spent the majority of the last six years living with incredible uncertainty. When I was just 18 years old, I was diagnosed with a very rare and life-threatening blood … Continued