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The power of worship is woven through the foundation of our faith. Whether it was David dancing with abandon when the ark of the covenant was brought home or the widow who gave her last few pennies in sacrifice to the church or maybe the most monumental moment of worship, when Jesus obeyed the will of God despite agonizing prayer to be delivered in the garden of Gethsemane. There is no denying that where there is worship the spirit of God is there. That’s why we have been so thankful for the worship culture at Bayside Church for the last 25 years.  

We have seen God be faithful time and time again through the praise and worship of our congregation. There has been story after story of the healing power it has had in the lives of our church. We are so grateful and honored to have the calling God has placed on our church to be passionate worshippers, and we believe we are still just getting started.  

Our team has blossomed under the worship pastoring and mentorship of Lincoln Brewster and the living legacy he is stewarding for our church. Not to mention for most churches it isn’t commonplace to say they felt the presence of God in a face-melting guitar solo during worship! That’s the beauty of the mission and purpose of our worship culture because no matter how far you are from God, how young or old, you can encounter the living presence of Jesus through worship at Bayside. We are also so thankful for Lincoln’s commitment to the next generation of spiritual leaders. He has pioneered the way for another movement within the worship culture by the name of Thrive Worship. Through years of mentoring, writing and prayer; Thrive Worship released their first album and debuted at number one on Billboard. The blessings continue to pour out for our church as we see the hand of God at work through our praise. Maybe the most important piece of the worship culture is the diversity of our team. With our Midtown Campus providing an energetic spirit-filled gospel party every weekend, we are doing our best to model how worship will look in heaven. We wholeheartedly believe that God wants every nation and every tribe to be loved and represented in his family, so we strive to be that example in worship.  

As we look back at the last 25 years, we can’t help but be humbled by how faithful God has been at Bayside. We now look forward in expectation to the future of what he will do. The Bible calls us to be a living sacrifice, and in doing so, we find our true worship. That has been our prayer from day one, and nothing has changed. We look forward to God doing even greater things through the power of His spirit as we praise His mighty name. 

Corbin Philips
20 years at Bayside

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