What the Church Was Made For

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We’ve all had moments of need. But we’ve also had moments where someone showed up for us. This is someone who came through for you, loved you, believed in you. Someone just simply showing up can make all the difference. Aren’t we all longing for that, edge-of-your-seat, movie-perfect, game-changing moment? What if we could provide the hope needed to tip a moment of despair into a life marked by redemption and revival. A life that is forever changed—unbound by the mistakes or the neglect of the past. 

The Church of Jesus Christ was made for these moments. This is our opportunity, every day—if we’re willing. Let’s be a people who spread hope simply by loving our neighbors as God loves us: generously, and freely. Let’s rally around our city and declare that we are for our kids, for our schools, for our community.  

Spotlight on two ministry partners who are championing this hope to populations who need it the most: 

Reading Partners  

Reading proficiency affects a child’s future in profound ways. Reading Partners is an elementary school intervention program that works with k-4 students who are up to 2 ½ years behind in their reading. 

The Table Community Foundation 

Born out of Tyronne Gross’s passion for sharing his own story of growth and transformation, The Table Community Foundation is fearlessly loving and believing in the youth of Stockton. 

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