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For Episode #1 of our mini-series, Finding Good, host Andrew McCourt sat down with world-class evangelist and author, Bob Goff, to talk about finding good in a divided and often discouraged world. 

Have we lost all the good in the world? How do we know where we’re supposed to go in order to help others? What does helping and showing the unconditional love of Jesus look like in our lives, in our communities?  

These were just some of the ideas that were brought up in the discussion, ideas which led to powerful insights from Goff.

Below is an excerpt from the interview:

Andrew: How can the Christian community at this time, Bob, continue, more than ever, to really just love on this world and not join the narrative of the crowd? 

Bob: I think it’s to love people without an agenda, because as soon as you have an agenda, then it’s a program, and we don’t need another program. What we need is a body of people, with eyes fixed on Jesus, that are releasing that kind of love into a community with a load of intention. 

Andrew: You seem to go to the most extreme communities to try and [love and help others]. I mean, missions like Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria. What makes you run into a place that everyone’s running out of? 

Bob: Well, it’s not this concept of hero[ism], but you just go where the needs are. There’s some immense needs in Sacramento. Forget the ends of the Earth – go to the end of your street. But when I do hear about something that’s gone terribly wrong for somebody, then I want to take action. That’s my resting position: Is there something we can do? 

Want to hear the rest of the interview? Tune into the full first episode of Finding Good below!

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