Apart from One Another, but United in Hope: There is Confidence in the Chaos.

Unprecedented uncertainty calls for unprecedented faith. This Easter season we are reminded, more than ever, to rejoice in the good news that is Jesus. He is faithful, He is steady, and He died for our sins so that we’d receive the most priceless gift of eternal life in Heaven. 

We are choosing to look up while we feel down and rely on the lifeblood of Jesus. In this time where we can either dwell on our uncertain circumstances, we are instead finding comfort in a community of believers who know this incredible truth: that hope is as real today as it was when Jesus took up the cross. 

In this series, we will hear from different authors who express their own experiences during this trying time. How hope is not just a feeling, it is an achievable action brought on by confidence in Jesus Christ. Hope looks like obedience. Hope looks like recognizing the beauty of the world standing still. Hope looks like helping those on the fringes of our communities and the high risk. Hope looks like submission to the Father. 

We invite you to read through our Easter series on the blog and experience a taste of the hope Jesus has to offer. It is our prayer that you, too, could gain confidence in the chaos. 

-Jena Miller, Bayside staff

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Jena is a mom of a toddler and the Production Coordinator at Bayside Church. She oversees daily production needs for design, web, photography, and videography across all campuses. With her busy home and work-life, multitasking is a core strength she has developed greatly in the last two years!

  1. Sharon Perry

    One of the ways to celebrate Easter or any Sunday during our “Social Distancing” can be through a Choir being Zoomed in on Sundays. We’d love to see a Choir and the beautiful voices sing together in harmony as we praise the Lord! Just a suggestion and a way to encourage our congregation.

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