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AIM’s Mission is to fight the evil of sex trafficking with a special focus in Cambodia. We’ve been there a little over fourteen years and have developed a holistic approach through which God can work to actually reduce trafficking. By holistic, we mean fight on four fronts in a simultaneous and coordinated effort.  

Prevention  by protecting the vulnerable and reducing demand.  

Rescue  by conducting raids on brothels where victims are held captive.  

Restoration, a safe place for the healing of rescued victims.  

And finally,  reintegration, providing the means of re-entering into Cambodian society as more than survivors, as modern-day abolitionists. 

God has used you in integral ways through your time, talents, prayer, and financial support. At least one team of Baysiders have come to serve in Cambodia every year for twelve consecutive years. Seven have become long term volunteers raising their support to serve in Cambodia. They’ve averaged over five years each. When we needed to find safe homes for our girls in America, seven Bayside families stepped up to care for all of them.  

Without Bayside’s support, two of our largest programs impacting thousands of kids in Cambodia would not have opened.  

Thanks to you, we have a SWAT Team. As far as we know, we’re the only non-profit organization in the world having a government-approved SWAT Team. Government approval was the first part of the miracle. The second was getting the funding required to act on that approval before it expired. One call to Pastor Ray and a few weeks later the SWAT Team was funded and set into motion. Since then, we have rescued over 1,250 victims from nine different counties and arrested over 350 traffickers, pimps, and brothel owners. 

The other, most recent project was in Prevention, the building of our new school. This school protects hundreds of at-risk kids from sex trafficking on three levels — first, immediate protection. There’s never been a child in our school trafficked. Second, long term protection through a high-quality education which breaks the cycle of poverty. Third, eternal protection as they come to know Jesus through our Christian curriculum.  

God has used the love, prayers, and support of Bayside to create miracles. Here’s just one… 

Srey Leak’s Story

Srey Leak was rescued from a foreign pedophile in Phnom Penh. The abuse and trauma she suffered are beyond comprehension. She entered our restoration home as a hopeless child, afraid of everyone. In aftercare, her physical, educational, and psychosocial needs were met. And most importantly, those universal needs of belonging to a family, unconditional love and purpose as she found a new life in Christ. When she was reintegrated back into Cambodia society, she decided to continue her education, so she could become a teacher and help other children. Today she teaches in our school, and oh what a teacher. What a protector of children. Not long-ago children she teaches took part in a STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) contest conducted Prudential Company in Phnom Penh. Those 3rd-grade kids competed 5th-grade kids from twenty-four of the best schools in Cambodia and came in second! 

Her story doesn’t stop there. She met and fell in love with a great Christian guy who just happens to be the manager of the Lord’s Gym in Svay Pak. Today they have beautiful twin daughters, Mary and Martha. 

She’s just one of the many miracles of God that were a result of your love, prayers, and support.  

Thank you, Bayside! 

Don Brewster  
Founder of Agape International Missions


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