We believe her.

Samaritan woman claims to have met the Son of God

April, 26 A.D


A Galilean teacher is continuing to make waves. Early reports say he has rubbed shoulders with the elite and powerful in Jerusalem but seems to prefer the company of ordinary people. After leaving the capital, he had a brief stop in Sychar Samaria that is starting to draw considerable attention. The following is an excerpt from locals interviewed after this mysterious man’s visit.

At the center of this event is a woman who would only give her name as Sapphira, here is part of her story along with a few of her neighbors:

Sapphira: It was a bad day. I hated my life—how did I get here? Suddenly I noticed a man sitting by the well. He seemed lost in thought, so I hoped he wouldn’t notice me. But he did. He was so kind—unlike anyone I had talked to in a long time. He was immediately focused on me and my situation. The last thing I wanted to do was open up my life to a total stranger, but there was something about him that made him easy to talk to.

And then the conversation took a turn I never expected, I almost got up and ran away. He started telling me all the things that happened to me in my life—everything I had done. I wanted to blame others—men, my town, but the way he looked at me with love and kindness, and something else—I knew I couldn’t lie to him…or myself. All these things happened—they were my sins—I chose to do them. And even for the things that had been done to me, I no longer felt I was the one to blame. The shame dissipated in the presence of this man, this love.

And as I cried and cried he didn’t say a word, he just looked at me with an intensity I have never seen in a man—not passion, per say, I had seen “that” look plenty of times. This was something I think can only be called a pure love, a real true love full of mercy and kindness.

I stumbled through more conversation with him and all the while something was melting in my heart–my hurt, my darkness, my pain, my whole horrible life. And then he offered me a gift, a new life—completely free from sin and darkness—he would make me clean again forever.

Yes, I wanted that more than anything else I have ever wanted. And then in my heart, I knew who He was. The next thing I knew was that I was running to my town to tell them what had happened to me, that they needed to come and see him for themselves.

Neighbor One: When she came into town, Sapphira was running like something important was happening. We could immediately see that there was something different about her.

Neighbor Two: Yeah, it was like there was a peace or happiness on her face I have never seen before.

Neighbor One: While we were taking all this in she just blurted out that there was this incredible man at the public well who told her everything she had ever done and who not only knew all her sins but had shown her kindness and mercy and had a free gift for her and everyone.

Neighbor Two: We all rushed out. And it was just like she said. This mysterious teacher spoke to us, loved us, he was so gentle and kind and answered all of our questions. We saw what she saw in his eyes, we too wanted to believe in him, to be loved by him. He changed her, he changed us, now we are a whole community again.

Most of the other town folk had a similar story to tell. We were not able to get an interview with this mysterious teacher or a comment from any member of his team. We will continue to cover these and other unfolding events.

This Easter season, we’re exploring pages of scripture and stories of real-life transformation. Follow along with us as we celebrate hope.

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