Man makes radical move away from his former life—and found his “home”.

February 2019

Natomas, CA

I was a retired police sergeant, and I found myself in a very toxic relationship–one that drained almost everything and every penny that I had worked for. I prayed and held hope that this woman I loved would change. In the meantime, I questioned myself and my purpose in life.

One day out of the blue, a friend of mine from a former company called and said, “Hey, what are you doing with your life right now?” I explained my situation, and he said, “Wow, that isn’t the Don that I know!” He was right, I needed to take back my life and put my faith and trust where it belonged. I have always been a leader in the church and small groups, and often times with helping others get through their battles. That is my purpose, and I had put it aside.

My friend asked me if I would consider making a move and working for him in the Sacramento area. It was a tough decision! My adult children, horses, and dogs were all a big part of my life. I sought the guidance of a few of my pastoral friends. I made the decision to move and had asked that the woman I was in a relationship with to pack up with me and join in on this journey. At first, she loved the idea, but her joy quickly turned into bitterness. 

I eventually made the move away from everything I knew into the unknown. The first thing that I did three days into living in Natomas was to ask my pastor for a recommendation for a church.

The first weekend I came back to church, I was amazed. I felt like I was home. I sat at the top and sobbed again. I was alone physically, but I wasn’t really alone! I heard the voices singing and lifting me up. I left that morning feeling that my journey to becoming whole had just begun.

Since finding my church home, I have realized my worth. Not just to others, but the purpose that God has given me. It’s my mission to affect others in a way that helps them to grow as one in the Trinity. I had been doing this for years, why did I let someone try and silence that?

So, alone, I decided for myself that my journey wasn’t over. I knew that fellowship was the answer! I rose up out of the baptismal water, and my church family opened their arms and welcomed me home.

This Easter season, we’re exploring pages of scripture and stories of real-life transformation. Follow along with us as we celebrate hope.

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