I will not be afraid.

Immigrant woman finds acceptance through service

January 2018

Granite Bay, CA

Fear and anxiety were giant enemies that ran my life. I was afraid of everything; I was afraid that I wasn’t good enough, not talented enough, not educated enough, afraid of what people thought about me, as well as afraid that my language was not good enough since I am an immigrant. I am not a new Christian, I have a Christian background, and I have attended church for many years. I have always supported the church’s values, and I knew God and loved Him with all my heart, but I was never involved. I had fear: what could I even do for my church? I don’t have any special talents. 

On one ordinary Sunday service, the pastor said, “Fear is a big enemy in our life. Fear paralyzes us and doesn’t let us move forward. Because of fear, we lose many opportunities. We can lose God’s purpose in our lives: we can forget why He created us.”

 These words stuck in my head and in my heart. I decided to take a small step.

I attended Growth Track, where I finished all four sessions and graduated. I was invited to a small group and met so many new friends. Yes, we are all different, from different backgrounds, and even different cultures, but I learned that we are all united in Jesus Christ. I realized that if I come to this church, I want to be a part of it and serve. 

We pray together, laugh together, and encourage one another. Now we are volunteers in Growth Track, and I get to see how people’s lives change. One day we might overcome our fears and doubts, but I choose to serve even with the daily struggle. I volunteer and serve so that I can encourage people who are gripped with fear that there is hope. No matter who you are or who you were or how much you have or how little, if you say ‘no’ to fear and trust God, He has the power to use you to continue His great work in us and through us. 

This Easter season, we’re exploring pages of scripture and stories of real-life transformation. Follow along with us as we celebrate hope.

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