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“Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us…” – Ephesians 3:20



Project Updates


It’s time to catch up on all of the amazing stories your giving has inspired! This month we heard from people who were directly impacted by the sacrifices YOU made through your generosity. Please be actively praying for those who your donations affect.

As always, we are deeply grateful for your participation in the Motion Campaign and are excited to see how your obedience transforms our world for the better.

F – Fight

Fight Sex Trafficking and Poverty

Spotlight on Project #1: AIM

A thousand. That’s how many men, women, and children have been rescued in Svay Pak – previously known as the capital of sex trafficking across the globe. A thousand lives changed because of Agape International Missions (AIM), people who sacrificially gave, and Bayside’s partnership to end sex slavery. And that number is only getting bigger.


AIM’s ministry is to prevent, rescue, restore, and reintegrate. Every girl is not only freed but given life-changing resources. They receive health care, counseling, education, and discipleship as they heal from their experience. Their past becomes a powerful testimony of forgiveness. Most of us struggle to let go of what has happened in the past – a passive-aggressive comment, unkept promises, not being invited, whatever it may be. Yet these young women forgive those who sold and abused them because of Jesus.


Your giving through the Motion campaign made it possible for AIM to build a school to fit 1,500 children. A group of Baysiders went to the dedication to witness the excitement of the children and staff who have been eagerly awaiting its opening. Even local real estate companies are promoting the nearby homes as close to an “award winning school” before it has even opened. They called it an honor to be a part of something that will play a key role in prevention. It will educate, protect, and build up children who will end the cycle of poverty.


Prayer Requests:

  • The new school: Teachers and staff would be encouraged, equipped, and excited as they build up future generation.
  • Help: AIM needs volunteers at their Roseville offices.
  • Don and Bridget Brewster: As they lead the AIM staff and ministry.

For more information on all that AIM is doing, visit them online here.



Invest in High-Impact Ministries

Spotlight on Project #16: American Bible Society 

American Bible Society works domestically and around the globe in three primary areas:

  1. Translation: including Frontline Scripture engagement, eradicating Bible poverty and End to End ministry.
  2. Trauma Healing: Healing the heart with health practice best leading to resiliency; eliminating the barriers to the Gospel.
  3. Transforming America: By establishing the Faith and Liberty Discovery Center in Philadelphia, PA to promote engagement with Scripture and proving its relevance.

We have witnessed God’s provision for His Church in Cuba as people received a Bible for the first time in over 40 years. In June 2018, Bayside helped get 1 million Bibles into Cuba where the response was “like a live concert.” Though we may not see our impact directly, Bayside’s commitment to partnership and leader training has changed lives across the world. An outstanding pastor, known for sharing Christ’s love and who attended Thrive Conference, is now a member of Parliament. So love, live, and lead well – an entire nation is being impacted by your faithfulness and generosity.

Prayer Requests:

  • People of Cuba: They would receive Christ as their Savior and each receives a Bible.
  • Thrive Conference in Cuba: The opportunity to have Thrive conference there in September 2019 and in 2020.



Reach At-Risk Kids

Spotlight on #30: Parfums de Vie

Laith’s Miracle

Now living in Southern France, Laith has been a part of Parfums De Vie’s ministry for a majority of his life. Our partners, Vincent and Nicole Derieux, brought Laith and their family to Bayside. While they shared about the ministry, a young man was bold enough to pray for Laith against anything holding him back. Once safely in the car, he burst into tears.

Something happened when he was praying!  A memory came to me!  It was something that happened to me when I was younger, I know what he was praying for me to let go of.”

Vincent and Nicole prayed and read John 14, encouraging him of Christ’s promise of love and peace.


(Laith pictured here in yellow)
During prayer, they spontaneously asked Laith a question,

“Have you ever specifically made a decision that you want to give your life to Jesus?  Do you have a sense of certainty that Jesus is with you?”  


He was unsure if he was ready so they sent him to bed while praying God would speak in his dreams. 

The following morning was a Sunday and as they were getting ready for church Laith said:

“Guess what?  I had a strange and interesting dream… I dreamt that I was at an airport and that I had to choose which plane I was going to get on.  One plane had a pilot and the other plane had no pilot.  I could choose to fly on whichever plane I wanted.  There were no other passengers.  It was a big deal.  I had to make this choice.  I decided to choose the plane which had a pilot… I got on the plane with the pilot…then I woke up…”

“Oh….interesting dream… What do you think of that?  Is it speaking to you in any way?” asked Nicole and Vincent.

“Yes!  I think that it means that I need to make a decision, to choose Jesus to be the pilot of my life!  That’s what I chose in my dream!  Jesus is the pilot!” 

On their way to Bayside service, Laith excitedly declared.

“If I’m going to follow Jesus I better start reading the Bible for myself and learn about His life and what it really means to follow Him!  Can I get a special new Bible of my own?”  

God’s intentionality was clearly seen that day when the sermon was based on John 14. The very same text that they had read the night before! Laith is now a son of God who faithfully reads his new Bible. Join us as we pray for more young men and women become devoted followers of Christ who lead others to finding God.


Prayer Requests:

  • People who read Scripture: They may understand and clearly proclaim all God has spoken to them.
  • Parfums De Vie: To reach more of the marginalized youth through mentoring, tutoring, and discipleship in the Grasse region of Southern France.
  • Vincent and Nicole Derieux: For God’s wisdom and power in them as they lead and expand the Kingdom.


Serve Our Community

Spotlight on #41: Urban Youth Workers Institute

Urban Youth Workers Institute (UYWI) empowers ministry workers so urban youth have leaders who can guide them to the transformation of Jesus. By changing the mindset of youth workers across the country to embrace discipleship as a means of engaging this next generation of urban young people in the hardest parts of our cities with the hope of the Gospel. Bayside supports urban them through resourcing, training, and developing them into high capacity leaders who make an impact.

We have seen great attendance at our Manhood Camps, a catalyst discipleships conversations young men and our leaders, which uses  Biblical Blueprint for Manhood Discipleship Toolkit (DKIT). It consists of videos and curriculum aimed at building up young men who come from fatherless homes. Currently, the DKIT has reached over 37,000 youth in all 50 states and in 30 different countries. So to reach wider, we partnered with Dr. Jeffrey De Leon, a radio and television host with listeners in 120 different countries, for a Spanish version that will help us reach our goal of 75,000 urban youth in discipleship relationships.

Prayer Requests:

  • “The Great Opportunity”: The chance to reach 22 million young people who otherwise would not know Jesus
  • Urban youth workers: For them to become who God has designed them to be as they minister to the community
  • Urban youth: They receive the opportunity to be freed from their circumstances
  • Cities: Against the violence that goes on regularly



Train the Next Generation of Christian Leaders

Spotlight on Project #47: Thrive Pastors Conference Mexicali, Mexico

When beginning Thrive Leadership conferences, guests were coming from across the globe to participate – but many were still unable to attend. Since 2012, we have taken Thrive Conference to Mexico. Bayside has had a relationship with Mexico for over twenty years because of our Spring mission trips to Mexicali, Mexico. This year we had 80 pastors and church leaders participate in an intense, one-day conference where they were able to connect, encourage, and equip each other.

It has been incredible to see how Thrive conference has been fruitful in enhancing the unity of the church in the Mexicali valley. Bayside partners with over 30 churches representing a variety of denominations, styles of worship, size, and staff models. A highlight of the conference is seeing the connections made between people. We can pretend to know what doing ministry is like in their context, but they are the experts because they do it every day. Many of these pastors work multiple jobs in addition to leading their churches, yet the needs of their communities weigh heavily on them.  They shared ways to recruit volunteers, draw in more kids to their services, reach the youth of their neighborhoods and start feeding programs for the hungry. It was inspiring to see them not only help each other but the joy on their faces as they collaborated and dreamed together for all of Mexico to be reached for Jesus Christ.

Prayer Requests:

    • Mexicali valley: Continued unity among churches and pastors
  • Pastors and their families: God strengthens the families and guide them in better loving each other. Let them be an example of God’s love on Earth. That they would put their marriages and families first. That God would strengthen their marriages and home and that they would minister from a place of health in their families.
  • Mexico Outreach 2019: People to go serve in these churches as an encouragement. Adults to serve with students, construction workers, or translators.

If you are interested in going to Mexicali 2019, visit for more information and registration.



Your giving is making a difference.

Stay tuned. Next month we’ll highlight even more amazing MOTION ministries!

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