November Update

“Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us…” – Ephesians 3:20

It’s that time again! We’re eager to share the updates from our Compassion First Projects with you. This month, all of our featured projects are local. Our prayer is that you would be encouraged by all that God is doing here in our community.

As always, thank you for supporting these organizations and for your commitment and obedience to the Motion Campaign.



Project Updates

F – Fight

Fight Sex Trafficking and Poverty

Spotlight on Project #2: Saint John’s Program for Real Change

In Bayside’s ongoing effort to reach out to local communities and “unleash compassion,” Saint John’s Program for Real Change has been a long-standing partner and is now a grateful recipient of Bayside’s multi-campus Compassion First Campaign.

Saint John’s is a transformative residential program designed to provide women and children with the tools to permanently exit the generational cycle of poverty, addiction, and abuse. The highly structured and education-rich 18-month program includes mental health therapy, substance abuse counseling, parental and healthy relationships education, budgeting, hands-on employment training, and a career placement center, as well as age and developmentally appropriate programs and activities for the children. Serving up to 270 women and children daily, Saint John’s operates the most extensive program in the region focused exclusively on the specific needs of single-mother-led families.

Given its daily waitlist of between 250-300 women and children, Saint John’s made the decision to purchase the building next door to increase capacity by an additional 90 women and children. Bayside’s Compassion First commitment helped make this 2017 expansion a reality.

As part of this campaign, Bayside is also increasing its spiritual support of our women and children. In 2019, Bayside will be offering weekly services on the Saint John’s campus, evolving from monthly services in 2018!

Prayer Requests from the Women

Andrea – “Please pray for strength, perseverance, and peace through my recovery journey, and that God will reveal Himself to me like never before, and that I can learn to love like Jesus.”
Allison – “I would like to ask my Heavenly Father for guidance on my journey, and I pray that I can be a positive example to my son and not be blinded by temptation.”
Tricia – “I would like to ask for prayers that my three sons Raymond, Adrien, and Logan be reunited with me, and for God to heal us spiritually, physically and mentally.”
Anonymous – “Please pray for me to keep moving uphill to make my future great, and pray that I never give up despite the hard times.”

For more information on all that Saint. John’s is doing, visit them online here.



Invest in High-Impact Ministries

Spotlight on Project #18: Volunteers of America

Volunteers of America’s mission is to change individual lives, instill hope and facilitate independence through quality-housing, employment, and related supportive services. Volunteers of America (VOA) exists to support people struggling with multiple barriers to independence such as poverty, homelessness, mental illness, substance abuse, HIV/AIDS, and trauma history. Supportive services include case management, referral and advocacy, financial literacy and practical life skills education, housing assistance, employment assistance, food, and transportation.

In 2018, the current housing crisis in California dictated that changes be made to the way clients are served. With thousands of individuals facing the recent scarcity of housing, VOA came up with a new program called the Housing Inventory Initiative. This innovative program aims to amass an inventory of housing made available to those ready to move which eliminates the waiting list these clients currently face. Typically, there is a 30-month wait for Section 8 housing which makes it impossible for homeless and low-income families to be placed. However, VOA is able to step in and work with local landlords to acquire Master Leases of blocks of housing units. Which allows VOA to keep clients moving from shelters to the next appropriate housing and enables VOA to keep shelter beds open for those in need.

In 2017, VOA served over 17,000 individuals, making them one of the largest human services providers in the region. This would not be possible without caring community members and groups like Bayside Church, who invest in this vision.


Reach At-Risk Kids

Spotlight on #31: Foster Care & Adoption

There are no unwanted kids, just unfound families.

Last week I, Heidi, had the privilege of interviewing a young man and young woman (siblings) who attend Bayside and were adopted through foster care. At one point, the woman said through tears:

“I think about what my life would have been, and I think about how it is now… I have met so many amazing people, and I feel like I have a future now. I have a purpose. I met God.”

The last three words still ring in my heart.

“I met God.

To look into the eyes of a child who felt abandoned by people and abandoned by God and to see true HOPE is a miracle. This is the opportunity we have as the Church. We believe that every child deserves a loving family and every family needs a caring community to thrive. This young woman now believes in God because she saw His love through an ordinary person, empowered by the Spirit.

When a family takes in a child from hard places, there are challenges involved that the family cannot handle on their own. Bayside is committed to supporting the families who are standing in the gap for the Orphan. In October, Bayside began a class called TBRI (Trust-Based Relational Intervention) which is focused on parenting kids from hard places and addresses how trauma impacts a child.

In this region alone, there are over 2,500 kids in need of families, some for a moment, some for a lifetime. Not everyone is called to open their home to an orphan, but everyone can be a part of the solution.

Bayside is also partnering with Defending the Cause Regional Alliance to connect the Church to the needs in the community and to serve the families already in the midst of the process. Defending the Cause Regional Alliance engages families in all stages with prevention, intervention, and support.

Thank you for partnering with us in the call of God on the Church to look after the orphans and widows.

Prayer Requests
-Prayer for parents parenting kids from hard places for wisdom and insight into the child’s needs.
-For those in the Church to come alongside those saying “yes” to caring for the call of foster care and adoptions and offer love and support.
-For individuals and families to open their homes to children in need.
-For families on the brink of breaking – for divine intervention – and wisdom for the Church in how to take preventive measures to intervene before the children are removed.

Interested in learning more or supporting this cause? Join us for a Night Of Worship, and pray for foster care and adoption in this region and beyond.

November 16 | 7:00pm
Bayside Church Offices
8211 Sierra College Blvd. | Studio 440
Roseville, CA 95661

For more information on Bayside’s Foster Care and Adoption classes and partnerships, contact Heidi White:



Serve Our Community

Spotlight on #40: Good Cause Sacramento, Men’s Empowerment

The Men’s Empowerment Process is a multi-phase process, working with males ages 18 and up. This 6-18 month process is focusing on the men’s spiritual development first, then out of a transformed life in Christ, they can focus on the mental, physical, and relational components of getting back on their feet.

This process of holistic development is one that encourages and inspires men to be men of integrity, compassion, and truth. They also become a fellowship to strengthen one another and provide accountability. Iron sharpens iron!

Built by the men we serve, we’ve also launched a janitorial and lawn maintenance business, YourWay Services, LLC., intended to teach men what it looks like to have a good work ethic, accountability, and entrepreneurship.

The ultimate goal is to see fathers restored to their families, friends and loved ones.

Thank you Bayside Church for your partnership! 100% of the funds received go to support the men of our Sacramento Community during this process.



Train the Next Generation of Christian Leaders

Spotlight on Project #53: Thrive School

Since Thrive School started in August, many exciting things have taken place each week. The students participated in their “Serving Intensive”, where they spent two days serving alongside City Impact as they served residents of the Tenderloin in San Francisco. They had the opportunity to participate in street ministry, hand deliver lunches to residents in nearby neighborhoods, and prayerfully intervene for the people of the Tenderloin.

In September, Thrive School students traveled to the mountains to complete their “Essentials Intensive” where they were taught the “Five Essentials of the Christian Faith.” This retreat brought great unity amongst the Thrive students and provided a unique space for students to learn more about their personal faith.

Thrive School has four goals for the students each year:
1) Encounter His Lordship
2) Risk Real Relationships
3) Discover His Direction
4) Lead

Each student is assigned an internship with a ministry at Bayside. Outside of their assigned internships, each student is enrolled in full-time school through Southeastern University. Last, but certainly not least, each student is part of a Discipleship Group that meets every weekly.

None of this could happen without the incredible Baysiders who open their homes for our students to live! We are incredibly thankful for those who have offered their homes, food, and love for our students.

Prayer Requests

For continued transformation and growth in the lives of the students, and for powerful encounters with Jesus. As students take a leap of faith in trusting their new Thrive family, we’re praying that they would be vulnerable and transparent as they dive deeper into community. As they learn more about who God is, we’re praying students would also learn more about how intentionally He created them. We also want them to learn how He has gifted them and where He might be calling them in the future.


Your giving is making a difference.

God is moving mountains and He’s given us a front row seat. When we give of ourselves, He is faithful in His blessings. Please pray for these organizations as they continue to follow God’s leading and reach our local community and the world for Jesus.

Stay tuned. Next month we’ll highlight even more amazing MOTION ministries!

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