“It is Finished”

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The nation grows silent after “savior’s” ominous last words. April, 28 A.D.  Jerusalem    The nation is still reeling from what was supposed to be a simple public spectacle like every other crucifixion.  One Roman centurion gave us private insight … Continued

World Hunger is at Rest Tonight.

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Thousands of Eager Travelers are Fed by Jesus. April, 27 A.D. Near Bethsaida Stories have spread far and wide about healings and so-called miracles throughout the Galilean region brought forth by followers of radical Jewish man, Jesus of Nazareth. King … Continued

Defender of the meek.

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Jesus welcomes the disenfranchised. December, 27 A.D Jerusalem Another clash between the respected Jewish religious leaders and the cultural phenomenon, Jesus of Nazareth. Though there have been many so-called haters who have literally chased him from their villages, the reception … Continued